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In the era of robotic surgery no one should have morbidity and or mortality just because someone’s hypertension and or diabetes is not diagnosed on time”

Rural areas of India and in fact of the whole world is deprived of access to health information and health delivery . Having no access to diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes is itself a huge lacking in the system . Most of the sudden deaths in rural areas are unexplained but they attribute to Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVDs).

It is high time we should make health access to health information and health delivery in rural areas for CVDs, and Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

We , Rural Health Progress Trust are trying to fulfil the gaps in public and private healthcare system so that people in rural areas . We are implementing various scientific guidelines and suggestions to standardize the treatment of diseases in rural areas.

With international recognition of CDC, US; Lancet Commission on Hypertension ; we are following standard protocol for diagnosis of hypertension , diabetes other NCDs .

Dr Arun More ,Founder


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